When it comes to shopping for your partner, it’s the thought that counts. But what if you could get inside their head and find out what they really want, really like, or use? That’s where Joiined comes in.

Two phones, one account:

Track, share, and simplify shopping for your other half!

Take the guesswork out of shopping by sharing preferences, sizes, and an ever - growing list of ideas. Whatever your interests, Joiined helps you buy the right item, the first time. No Time? Joiined concierge will locate and ship that item for you - all you have to do it buy it.

Whether you're buying something as a chore or a surprise, carry the information you need to buy the right item the first time.

Find a perfect gift for your partner

No more guessing. Joiined will let you know items they like, in the right size, color, brand - weeks ahead of time.

Save time trying to find what they want

You'll already know! Joiined makes guessing a thing of the past - know what you need to get, and where to get it.

NEVER forget a special occasion again

Joiined sends you reminder notifications, item suggestions and opportunities to buy items they already want!

Avoid the extra stress of not knowing

Buying the wrong size, wrong color, wrong item are things of the past. Joiined keeps this information handy everywhere you go.

Joiined concierge does the shopping for you!

Too busy to find that item? Joiined concierge service will find and deliver the items for you - all you have to do is be the hero.

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Take the guess work out of shopping for your other half...Joiined joins you both on the little things that matter. Be ready for when we go live - sign up today!